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Many family members are thrust into caregiving responsibilities when an aging parent has an accident or health crisis. The consequences of being unprepared can be devastating.

You are in the emergency room with your loved one. The nurse wants to know: What medications is your family member taking and who are the doctors? Do you know?

Taking care of an aging or ill parent can be absolutely overwhelming and can last on average, seven years. That’s a very long time and a lot of uncertainty. As your caregiving role intensifies, life gets increasingly difficult to manage. The to-do lists are long and seem endless. The emotional toll is huge. At the end of your caregiving years, you deserve peace of mind, to be able to say that you had “no regrets,” and to treasure the memories.

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Peace of Mind is Possible


Working one-on-one with families or in specially designed workshops, we create your personal caregiving roadmap together.  Addressing your specific concerns and needs and the needs of the person you are caring for, you will be empowered to manage responsibilities, save time, money, and have peace of mind.

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  • Take you from chaos to control

  • Design a results-oriented plan of action

  • Lessons the learning curve

  • Face and manage difficult decisions

  • Explore coping strategies as demands intensify

  • Learn effective communication techniques to use with family members, doctors, and health care professionals

  • Guide you to useful resources to support your caregiving needs

  • Successfully transition, when your role ends, into your life’s next phase


My Services

  • Personalized caregiving roadmap through the entire journey

  • Group workshops

  • In-hospital crisis program

  • Presentations to businesses, organizations, healthcare professionals and the 50+ population

  • Keynote Speaking and Lead Breakout Sessions

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Toni’s Top Empowerment Tips



Knowledge is power

Effective communication
= Effective solutions

Energize a team of support

Planning and organizing
relieves stress

Self comes first


My Clients

  • You want to be prepared for an accident or health crisis for yourself and your family.
  • You are currently a caregiver with questions and worries and would like help solving problems and preparing for the future.
  • You expect to become a caregiver in the near future because a family member is aging or has health issues.
  • Your caregiving years have ended. You are looking to transition to the next phase of your life more confidently.
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Toni Gitles

Certified Caregiving Consultant ™
Certified Caregiving Educator ™

My Caregiving Story

A seasoned family caregiver

When mom asked if I would take her to a doctor’s appointment in 2003, I had no idea I would end up becoming a caregiver for 14 years. That’s a long, long time!

At the time, mom was a healthy, active, energetic octogenarian. As she got older, I was there for her as she experienced one unexpected health crisis after another, eventually struggling with vision, hearing, mobility, and other issues of great concern and decline.

Navigating this journey by trial and error, I figured out the do’s and don’ts of caregiving almost completely on my own.

As an only child and dutiful daughter, I put mom’s care and quality of life as a top priority. Alway asking first, what were her desires and needs, we navigated “the caregiving years” together.

Never knowing when the end might surprise us, we lived life fully, expressed our love frequently, and created memories that I treasure today.

The time I spent as a caregiver changed my life forever. At the end of our journey, I was able to say that I had no regrets.

Mom died peacefully February 20, 2017.


My Credentials

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  • Certified Caregiving Consultant™

  • Certified Caregiving Educator™

  • Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP #238775

  • Advisory Council, Caregiving.com

  • Advisory Board, The Center for Family Caregivers

  • Faculty Member, National Caregiving Conference 2018

  • Former Instructor Baylor College of Medicine

  • Speaking Circles ® Facilitator

  • Seek and Speak Your Story ® Facilitator

  • Member, Toastmasters InternationalCertified Dementia Practitioner CDP #238775Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP #Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP #238775

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