Book - Happiness Is A Decision Of The Heart

Book - Happiness Is A Decision Of The Heart


Toni Gitles, M.A, a leading educator and writer in the hearing healthcare industry has been hand-selected through a nationwide search to co-author a new book on Happiness, entitled Happiness Is A Decision Of The Heart, for Insight Publishing, a Tennessee-based publisher.

 Gitles is joined by eleven other experts who offer a variety of relevant, inspirational, and informational strategies designed to help people from all walks of life find contentment, peace, and happiness in their daily lives. The book is full of real-life examples demonstrating how each author has achieved happiness and offers ready to use insights for readers to implement in their own life. 

This book is ideal for families taking care of aging or ill family members as each chapter is a heartfelt discussion of how that author overcame a significant challenge in their life to find everyday happiness.

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